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Parts, Service and Repair of Antique Toy Trains - Celebrating 50 Happy Years in Trains

Parts Department

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     Updated September 2014

The parts list is available online for your use.  Print it out as needed, for doing your train repair work.  If you have any questions, feel free to call 781-862-5798 or email dave@drtinkertrains.com.

Dr. Tinker  is not responsible for typographical errors and prices are subject to change without notice.

     Screws and Rivets in PDF Format 

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Please note that we do not carry HO parts or perform HO repair.


Part #




4 cond., Flex, dual motors, per ft. FM/F-3



Wire 3 conductor flat black/foot, 0-22



Black wire 4 conductor flat/foot, UCS



AF rainbow wire 4 conductor per ft.



Wire 5 conductor flat grey/ft., Crane



Wire 6 conductor flat black/ft., Crane



Black super flex wire #22 gauge/ft.



Black E-unit wire #24 gauge/ft.



Blue E-unit wire #24 gauge/ft.



Green E-unit wire #24 gauge/ft.



Red super flex wire #24/gauge/ft.



Yellow E-unit wire #24 gauge/ft.



Green, 2 conductor, per ft.



Solid copper wire/ft.


Policies: We accept personal checks or money orders. Sorry, no credit cards or COD's. Minimum $30.00 order, paid in advance – include an additional $9.00 for shipping & handling, (total $39.00). Make checks payable to David Laughridge. If you do not know how much an item is, send a deposit for the estimated amount. Overpayments will be refunded with your order. (Foreign countries, allow $12.00 for shipping and handling.)

Obtaining a Parts List by Mail

You say you need a brass worm wheel or a ballast tamper antenna? Then you need Dr. Tinker®'s Parts List, updated bi-monthly, free to active, regular customers, over 1800 of the most needed parts and materials for the repair and restoration of your trains. Parts listed are new, used, reconditioned, and reproduction, depending upon availability at the time of the request.

We use original Lionel Production part numbers. When ordering, use the numbers shown in your Lionel Service Manual, Greenberg's Repair & Operating Manual, Modern Era Diagrams, or the K-Line/Lionel Service Manual. 

Examine the car's engine or accessory that you want to repair for the item number. The key to getting the part you need lies in the way you order. Try to determine the complete part number of the part if possible. The first three or four digit number identifies the assembled product. The number that comes after the dash describes the exact part that you will be looking for. The assembly drawings shown in the service station sheets reproduced in the Repair Manuals show the part and approximately how it is assembled to the product. The part numbers are usually found under the drawing of the piece and a word description is also located there to help you when ordering. Going through this process will help you understand how to proceed with the repair in many cases. Then look up the part number on our parts list for the price of the part. You won't always find exactly what you seek. Some items are simply not available.

If you need help, call or send an email inquiry.

To receive a copy of our Parts List by mail, send $2.00 and a  ( 9" x 11")   SASE to:

Dr. Tinker®'sAntique Toy Train Parts
P.O. Box 242
Lexington, MA 02420-0003

Phone: 781-862-5798

Email: dave@drtinkertrains.com

If you need a street address to mail to:

Dr. Tinker®'sAntique Toy Train Parts
1 Belfry Terrace
Lexington, MA 02421-4909



Abbreviations in the Parts List

Br  = Brass
Lim = Limited Quantities in Available
M  = Mint Condition
N= New Item in Stock
Ni = Nickel
NOS = New, Old stock
O = Factory original, New, or good useable if a new part is not available
R = Reproduction
TOS = Temporarily Out of Stock
SO = Special Order
U = Used, As Is, Original Part



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