• Introduction to Dr. Tinker

Dave Laughridge operates a train parts and repair business in Lexington, Massachusetts. After retiring from an exciting career in the toy design world, where he worked for Parker Brothers and Lionel Trains, among others, as design manager, Dave returned to the true love of his life, fixing up old toy trains.

The business was born out of the frustration that resulted from not being able to find the parts needed to do the repair work. Dave applies 50+ years of experience to repairing primarily old Lionel trains. He offers back issues of The Coupler, a publication on how to fix trains and commentary on "O" Gauge trains in general.   

  • Personal Experience

Some history...

Sixteen-year-old David Laughridge won the West Palm Beach, Florida YMCA electric train contest in the fall of 1949 and received this handsome trophy as well as the title "Casey Jones of the YMCA." David beat out 32 other contestants with a stripped down Lionel 671 turbine. Little did David know that his love of tinkering and toy trains would lead to a fulfilling career in the toy train field!